Earlier today i was using my internet and every was going well. im trying to connect now and it wont work, so im using my brothers computer which will connect to the internet. So, my computer must have something wrong. I looked under device manager and there were three things with yellow warning signs next to them. They were AVG network redirector, IP network address translator, and TCP/IP protocol driver. I went into there properties and all three of them said, this device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed (code 24). Ive looked up code 24 on Microsoft and did what they told me to do and it didnt work. Then in command i typed ping localhost, and it said unable to contact ip driver, error code 2. I have no idea what is wrong and i have tried many things so if someone knows how to fix this that would be great. Thanks.

One more thing, on microsoft.com they told me to go to command and type netdiag /test:winsock. Once i pushed enter it said, <232> [FATAL] Cannot find TCP/IP configuration from the registry. So i have no idea what this means also.