Hello All... newbie here... i finally got my wireless card installed and the lost drivers reisntalled. the card works "ok".. i think it probably can be better. heres my dilema. i have an emachines dexsktop... T6524. and i bought with it a Buffalotech wireless LAN adapter. WLI2_PCI_G54S. when we moved into our new apt. i was not able to pick up any wireless signals. im about 50 ft away from im guessing the outside perimeter of the office's wireless connection. bummer. so i bought me a Dlink high-gain antenna. omni directional 7db. so now i can pull in all kinds of wireless connections. and i can recieve the office connection. but i can only revieve like 1 bar outta 4 in signal strength. i called my manager, who only lives about 40. he can get a great signal. now when i installed the card again. it said that it wasnt digitally signed. and i check the compatibility with windows xp. and it wasnt even listed on microsofts site. but the box says xp compatible. am i missing something here? is it just not compatible? and do i just need to go buy another card? its frustrating. i can get a signal from another neighbor, all bars. but wheni log into it, it drops to 1 bar and is slow.... please help.... It also said that a simple pci connection controller was not present. i tried to find a download or patch for it. but i guess i was not looking hard enough. any advice or direction will be greatly appreciated...

my computer:

Emachines T6524
Microstar ms-7184 motherboard
Buffalotech WLI2-PCI-G54S wireless card.
Windows XP Professional

just because the drivers aren't digitaly signe, doesn't mean they won't work in windows. So go ahead and reinstall the drivers.

Ok Ill Give That A Try. But Whats With The Pci Simple Connection Controller? Is That Something I Need To Worry About?

I'm not sure I know what you mean by that.

TheNNS is right many vandor drivers are still not signed so no worries its ok. download driver from ur vandor website or driverguide.com