How about the ram and the memory.

The ram is 4 gigabytes and memory is 1 terabyte.

That is sure a lot. So how is the gaming laptop. Good or bad? Does the graphic seem awesome when you play game?

Well, I tried my friends gaming laptop and I'd rather stick to my custom built gaming computer.

Is the graphics cool? I agree with you, i prefer customizing my gaming laptop than buying a new one. You can upgrade the ram anytime you like.

They were awesome. One time I tuned the graphics all the way up on a game dirt 2 and it lagged so much that I got a headache after the 5 minutes. And one time I overclocked my graphics card and my dad banned me from the computer for a month

Ok, I tried the demo and I kind of like it. There wasn't too much lag. Do you have any other game in mind?

On laptop or on Xbox or other game consoles?

Left fore dead, Black ops, Urban terror. There are a lot of good games out there but i hardly play using a laptop. Most of the time i do my work or play on xbox. Urban terrors is fun

I am looking for a racing game. I've played left 4 dead and black ops and I like them.

How about Need for Speed?

I like need for speed but it's not the most realistic racing simulator.