How about the ram and the memory.

The ram is 4 gigabytes and memory is 1 terabyte.

That is sure a lot. So how is the gaming laptop. Good or bad? Does the graphic seem awesome when you play game?

Well, I tried my friends gaming laptop and I'd rather stick to my custom built gaming computer.

Is the graphics cool? I agree with you, i prefer customizing my gaming laptop than buying a new one. You can upgrade the ram anytime you like.

They were awesome. One time I tuned the graphics all the way up on a game dirt 2 and it lagged so much that I got a headache after the 5 minutes. And one time I overclocked my graphics card and my dad banned me from the computer for a month

Ok, I tried the demo and I kind of like it. There wasn't too much lag. Do you have any other game in mind?

On laptop or on Xbox or other game consoles?

Only on a laptop.

Left fore dead, Black ops, Urban terror. There are a lot of good games out there but i hardly play using a laptop. Most of the time i do my work or play on xbox. Urban terrors is fun

I am looking for a racing game. I've played left 4 dead and black ops and I like them.

How about Need for Speed?

I like need for speed but it's not the most realistic racing simulator.

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