Where do we get computer tips easily?

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what kind of tips are you looking for...hardware, operating system, applications?

Where do we get computer tips easily?

i get mine at www.google.com ,help forums like this one and others like it is a good spot ,i buy the odd computer magazine ' there is so much to know about computer that there is not just one good site for info ,you need to google what you want to know and go from there ,remember not every site yo ugo to is uptodate ,example= this site is saying internet explorer 7 is the lates version ,and we all know it IE10

what type of tips you want
for performance you want to delete temporily file
for disk fragment use diskfragement tool analyze and defragment

just remembered another place , go to start /search and type in HELP

what my going to do if my computer has poor displying

on screen the desplying is very poor which software am i missing?

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