Hello. I just got a new computer and I would like to use my old keyboard for it but my old keyboard isn't USB. And I only do soaftware so I don't really know what component or such I should use to make my non-USB keyboard be able to work with a USB. I dont know what my old keyboards plug is but its purple and not USB

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Most old keyboards are what were PS2 boards and plugged into a round port in the back of the computer. If your computer doesn't have such a port, then you can get a PS2 to USB adapter for a few $$ from most online computer gear suppliers such as Rakuten (formerly Buy.com), Tiger Direct, and others. Here is an example: http://www.rakuten.com/prod/usb-male-to-ps2-ps-2-female-for-keyboard-mouse-mice-adapter/226169506.html

Thanks for the help but I just bought a wireless logitech keyboard that I LOVE so I will probably just will be using this but thanks for the help!!!

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