As the iPhone7 will going to be launched in the coming months for all its personal and professional customers , So the Apple will Provide many new features in its upgraded version iphone7 which are embedded with advanced technology as compared to its earlier version iPhone6. You can check upgraded features of iPhone7 below:

  1. Force Touch
  2. Built-in electronic Sim
  3. Better sound quality
  4. Add New Dynamic Home Button
  5. Front-Facing Camera-upgrade
  6. iPhone 7 Performance Increase
  7. Software Upgrade
  8. Maps Improvement
  9. New Inbuilt Notes Application
  10. Add Some QuickType shortcuts

Really? Is it ture? I have to save money to buy one!

Just a rumor. If these features are assembled on iPhone 7, that's a great progress. I will buy one.

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