I was hoping for assistance in figuring out an issue I have been having ever since upgrading my machine to Win10.

Most of my BSoD are in the form of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT (0x0000004e) and another new one recetnly whcih was IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (0x0000000a). They seem to be caused by driver ntoskrnl.exe and caused by address ntoskrnl.exe+ 142940 (info obtained from BlueScreenView).

If anyone is up for trying to help please let me know and I'll be mroe than happy to start submitting any info needed/wanted.

I apologize if there was some info I was supposed to submit with this post, it's been about 8-10 years since I've been here and the site looks dramatically different, I wasn't sure where to start.


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The thing is, that alone rarely has lead me to a cure. The one time it happened here it was a failing HDD. There are plenty of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT discussions which you can read and see if you think they apply.

PS. Just some observations from the field. If you get a collection of BSOD codes, the number of times it's been overheating, overclocking or malware is "too damn high." I don't see any PC detail so if it's been years since it's been cleaned, it's time.

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