Guys i am looking forward to do a project for my final year and i have chosen SUPPLY CHAIN SYSTEM as detailed below i am now looking forward for ideas and suggestions.

here is what i am thinking to do. i what to have a web based inventory system that will be for the manfacturer and the retailers will be ordering their goods online.

i do welcome all positive criticism and other ideas that will help me as i mould this project.

Context of Proposed Project:
Supply chain management is a managerial phenomenon that has received prominence in practice and academic research. Essentially supply chain management is the integrated management of the upstream operations (involving chains of suppliers), in-house operations and downstream operations (including chains of customers) with the objectives to leverage supply chain partners skills, improve the flow of goods and services, reduce costs throughout the system, and improve the firms’ competitive advantage. The manifestation of the significance of supply chain management is exemplified by successful implementation of supply chain management programmes by a number of focal firms.

The main objective of supply chain management is to enhance the operational efficiency, profitability and competitive position of a firm and its supply chain partners.

Activities Involved:
1. Study the relevant literature on supply chain management
2. Select an area(s) of the supply chain i.e. Inventory control, procurement, demand planning etc. where technology can be applied to improve efficiency or effectiveness or reduce costs.
2. Investigate and compare the technologies available for developing a system to assist with this process.
3. Examine case material on the role information technology can play in ensuring and enhancing an effective and efficient cost reduction strategy.
4. Examine how information technology can impact on this process of cost reduction.

A project report

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i need a project for my BE in IT.plz reply as soon as possible on my id

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So get working on it
Go away! Learn to read post dates before jumping on the end with "me too, ME TOO!!!!"

And how is resurrecting someone else's thread from 2005 going to help with that?

Try searching for "final project" here. I'm sure you'll find plenty of results.


> Try searching for "final project" here. I'm sure you'll find plenty of results.
They already did that on google, which is why they're now here!

Besides, all that would prove is the terminal lazyness of all the "plzgimmeaproject" types which drive-by.

If they ever bother to return, it's only to state the goldilocks problem once more (too hard, too easy).

Just lock the threads and delete the bumps to this kind of post - nobody will miss a thing as a result.


>Besides, all that would prove is the terminal lazyness of all the "plzgimmeaproject" types which drive-by.
That was somewhat the point of telling them to search, but I suppose it's too much to expect them to actually see themselves in the bucket loads of such useless requests and their general reception :)

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