Can you please suggest me ideas on choosing my final year project on electronics based which is done by c# or java

Any restrictions?

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If you are in your final year and you still have not picked up a part of your studies which interests you (and hence would give you a clue for a subject for a project), you should better quit studying.

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As ddanbe rightly pointed out, if you are in your final yewar you must have come across some area of your studies that you really enjoyed or were really good at. The spectrum of projects is so vast that we could sit here doing all the brainstorming for you and giving you countless ideas, none of which you would enjoy or excel in. Only you know where your strengths lie and only you know what elements of your studies you enjoy...and trust me, if you dont enjoy what your doing you are not going to do well with your project.

Just get yourself some paper and a pen and start brainstorming...write down everythign you enjoy and everything yoru good at, find regions that overlap and then focus on possible applicaitons of those areas.

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