i've been doing c# (breath of fresh air after 5 years with java) for a few months now, and most of that time was spent in vs.net

beautiful IDE, but only one shortcoming - wont work in linux. i've went thru many hoops trying to trick it and got close. but no bacon.

today i was at open source weekend (osw.ca) and was enlightened about something very interesting...

mono develop! its a split from sharpdevelop (which has its own issues and shortcomings), and its supposed to (someday) be a visual studio .NET equivalent for everybody else who doesnt get lucky with an academic license for a free copy of vs.net.

its very neat and works well (with the obvious problems a month old oss has).

just thought i should inform c# programmers out there anaware of this who might be interested in helping out with mono develop :)

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MonoDevelop does sound like a great project :-). However, if Mono was ideally perfect, there would be no need for it ;-).

Ha ha! Well, I'm not going to bother explaining why that makes a little less than no sense. If your'e curious why mono will never be "ideally perfect" read up on how SWF works in mono, and why one would want to use GTK# instead. MonoDevelop is necessary, because #D is very much a WinForms app - which just doesn't cut it outside of the Windows world. (Hint: SWF is a sick API.)

However, if you are curious about MD, check out the upcoming 0.4 release at monodevelop.com. RPMs should be available this time around, so all that tarball hassle can be avoided. Either that, or run Debian or Gentoo. ;)

I'm still wondering why they named it "mono." I know "mono" means monkey in Spanish, but in English, one of its meanings is mononucleosis. That's like saying Microsoft came out with a new framework called Cancer.NET. (Microsoft haters will have a ball with this pun. LOL.)

Why is Java named Java? or .NET named .NET? or for that matter, Xerox named Xerox?

Who cares :-).

Why is Java named Java? or .NET named .NET? or for that matter, Xerox named Xerox?

Who cares :-).

Ok then, the next program you create in .NET, name it "Hemorrhoids." Let's see if people care. :p


Inscissor, go back to slashdot 2 and a half years ago when this joke was funny.

Back on topic, MD 0.4 is quickly approaching. It will be using the feature-frozen beta 1.0 Mono release, and is the biggest MonoDevelop release so far. If you have any interest in .NET on Linux, I suggest checking it out.

Also, I'm in the process of setting up an anonymous svn repository on monodevelop.com so if you want to get the latest and greatest (and most broken ;)), it's just a few clicks away.

neat. i actually got a new job where i'm using .NET for propagation of evil, and to make it ultra evil I have to use a windows machine. so sharpdev it is.

as for the name trolling, give it up guys. honestly, who cares! its a beautiful day outside!

on another note, i ended up using winforms for the project i was working on at the time (i was porting iRate radio to a native windows platform) because i didnt want people to have to install gtk *just* for irate

Running MonoDevelop on Linux is just dont happ!!n.

It crashes after a splash screen, Any Help!!!

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