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So all a person needs Is a home server in his office or house?

and programming language to build a website and make a blog website for example or a game website.

So i just get a server and start building my blog website for example...

Like for example Facebook runs on lots of servers and is programmed with programming language if i am not mistaken...

I could design a social network website by buying my own server? and getting a domain name for it... also hosting the social network website...

thats how it works right?

yes, you could install a server on a home network that has internet access a develop a web application. however, you'll find that if you want to create a production web app, its very cost effective to host this web application with a web hosting company for a few dollars per month on a shared plan.

With a hosting company, you have gained, in most cases, a redudant solution. They (hosting providers) have already invested into redundant servers, network, data centers, power, etc...

At home, in most cases, your typical internet connection download speeds are pretty good these days, but your upload speeds are typically limited. You only plan on having one server...what happens when that server is offline for maintenance or a failure? it will be difficult for you to maintain a 24/7 operation.

What many people do is run a test/dev system at home, then just upload/publish content to a hosted system after validating/testing your code.

Feel free to take a look at some of the articles I wrote concerning the topic of web building:

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Don't worry I don't wanna pay some comapany for a "server' i can buy my own and if the net goes down from RCN or Comcast the website has to wait or the people will have to wait and i have to wait for it to be fixed so the server can run and continue.

Also i save allot of money by buying my own server and paying a phew dollars a month so it can get hosted on search engines and other sites to :D

True. You've got a lot of money to own a server but at the same time, you need to think about what sorts of problems you will be running into by just having your home server. What if someone tries hacking into the server? Is your server gonna be secure enough? What platform will it run on? These days, a lot of servers are running on Linux operating system. It is great that you can afford one but it is not going to be efficient. To answer your questions, you should be looking at a good PHP framework that gives you a good a feature such MVC which stands for Model View Controler for blog purposes and managing your web app.

To beat FaceBook, you would need to have a good service/product so users will use it constantly.That depends on what your business idea is!

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True but I'm a security expert a little so "Security' won't be an issue for me cause i know lots of tricks and etc for servers...

i got like 15 ideas written in my notebook :D

So then you are good to go. The information in your question regarding the server and having to program is correct.

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Yup lol is there a way to lock this thread my question has been solved :D

Add a dynamic dns service, to remap the ip address given to you, and altered, at random by your home servie provider, to a domain name chosen by you, and you will be actually good to go.
No domain name, nobody will be able to find you.
accessing as ip, noone will be able to find you for more than a week at a time
someone from list of dns providers perhaps