Here is my situation:

I already have a subscription for XM radio and I purchased the XM Onyx Plus to use in my office but I have to return it. It worked perfectly for 3 weeks and then one day - no satellite reception. All I can assume is that the satellite's orbit path changed because the XM home radio went from full signal to zero and I was never able to get the signal back. So, now I'm researching options for buying an XM receiver that has capabilities to record a desired channel and play that recording back without needing an Internet connection/wifi/satellite connection. XM says they do not sell any devices that you can record and store programming and I am wondering if anyone knows if there is any option for purchasing a device that has such capabilities?

It has to be something that can be used in a sort of an "offline" mode. Something that does NOT REQUIRE a satellite connection or wifi. A device that works sort of like the old school days of using a blank tape to record radio to playback in your underground, windowless tornado shelter, only this device would record previously broadcast stations to playback in your underground, windowless tornado shelter.

Thanks for reading!

I personally don't know of any such device but I do have a few friends that might