Please Guys Explain ME what is REALLY IS Search Engine Optimization thank you ALL !

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method to improve the ranking of a site in search engines. There are many SEO strategies that you can do - social bookmarking, forum posting, article submission, link exchange, blogging, etc.

I concur with the answer above but, more than a method i would say that SEO is a process usually followed to make our websites ready for search bots to understand the content of our website more easyly.

Search engine optimization is the process to make your website visible via search engines to people.

you search over this forum.. theres a lot to learn here... :)

Just go through this Wikipedia link, you will get the exact information about SEO.

Thank You Guys! :)

SEO is kind of trick for website making, can make your site more traffic from google , yahoo,etc.

Just type SEO in any search engine (for example Google).

You will Find your answer..
If you have any further question then you are most welcome buddy

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