I have a website of seo services, I have buy domain 4 months back and start doing seo, i am able to achieve ranking and have index all my 20 page in Google. But very recently i made few changes in my website like i had change structure, content and increase by inner pages than i create title, description and content according to SEO friendly nature. For indexing and crawling of my re designed website i start doing off-page optimization for my website and i saw my new title and description was crawl and change in google listing. but what is shocking after 3 day i am surprised that google has listed my old title and descriptions but keywords are not changed.
I m but confused and want to to give me suggestion if any body had pass from such stage in his SEO practice. Need expert opinion.

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Google has a bunch of different data centers that may display slightly different results at any given time. You might just need to wait another few days for Google to sort out its search results, on all data centers, and show your current titles and descriptions.

Alternatively, if your site is new and only has a few links to it, you could better help Google crawl all pages on your site by using Sitemaps.

I think Google does need time in indexing your new designing site and it might take 2 weeks or longer. IMO.
This is not a problem and keep building quality backlinks.

On your web site (which you don't have linked correctly) you state:

"Guaranteed Top 10 Ranking
Affordable SEO Services Price
100% Money Back Guarantee!"

If you are having a search engine optimization issue, why don't you just hire yourself? What can you lose?


Dont worry about this. Google will index the new site with in 2-3 weeks..you just build good quality back links


Google take 2-3 weeks for indexing the site, don't think about it, keep your work continue .....................

Google take 2-3 weeks for indexing the site,

This may be due do Different Data Centers

Google take some time for indexing site

any body give me some tricks for seo work :}

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