Which do you prefer to comment on a blog, an old article with pr or to comment on a fresh article but no pr?

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Commenting on an old article (old blog) which is with good PR only worth in case of SEO, by doing so, we can get a quality backlink to our site. So, I will go for the old article/blog with PR

Which do you prefer to comment on a blog, an old article with pr or to comment on a fresh article but no pr?

I prefer that when I'm compelled to offer my opinion about what I just read on a blog article, that I might contribute something intelligent in the form of a blog comment otherwise, I keep my mouth shut and don't waste everybody's time trying to convince them that my web page is important because the search engine thinks it's credible enough to highly rank; aimlessly dumping link infested babblings all over the Internet for no purpose other than a mediocre-poor attempt at positively influencing my web page's off-site ranking factors.

You gotta' think out of the box to claim most your competitive SERP (search engine results pages) victories. Be innovative. Highly rank your web pages. Do it with a little bit class. Study and practice search engine optimization.

For me i do prefer to comment a blog with PR.. it may help you to gain more traffic..:icon_rolleyes:

Is better with high PR. Can be slower but you can get better results.

I would prefer old blogs with pr but have no spammy comments..

In traffic in mind i will go with a blog who has good PR.

In order to get quality backlink and traffic,I would prefer to comment on old blog with good PR

I would prefer to comment on blog with high PR, but those blogs should be in my niche related. Then only i can get relevant back links.

I guess it is a matter of ethical preference. I tend to do both. Only because I am very opinionated and I never know when one of my comments will help someone. I also do save my comments for important topics. I do not just go and say on a blog, "hey nice article" and walk away. If I have nothing important to add to the information then I just do not comment.

If the blogs is not relative to my current niche, I would like to choose commenting on those old articles with PR. :)


an old post, also provide a god pr link!

I think both is fine. The old articles for good PR backlinks..and the new articles for referring traffic

Yes, is better to get a backlink from a site with good PR.

Commenting on old blogs with high PR value is good though most of your comments are being deleted by the administrator/webmaster.

I bealive that an old post has a good reputation, so i prefer an old post.


How about commenting for the sole purpose of contributing pertinent information to the topic at hand?

Blog commenting is the best way to get traffic to the website. It also help to increase the ranking of the website.

Commenting blog only after judging its PR is not an intelligent idea I think. The blog where you find the post is interesting and you can write some comments in the form of your own opinion then just do that. So many blogs are there where you find interesting posts with lots of comments but low PR. So by posting comments with your username linking back to your site you can get noticed by so many other users. That can help you to generate traffic to your own blog/site.

Blog commenting is one of today's most effective off-page methods of increasing search engine rankings within a short span of time.so i would prefer old article with pr. it will give me two benefits
1 : one way link
2: pr juice.

I use whatever is available. I know some old blog posts that have a nice PR (PR5, PR6, PR7) and whenever I need some link juice for a clients site, I use some of those.

But there are some nice PR8 web sites out there, where I love to do comments on fresh articles (The gain PR in the future anyhow, PR5 and up).

For getting quality back links, i prefer comment on old blogs and article with high pr.

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