Google's Farmer/Panda update, which was rolled out to the US on February 24th, and affected us, has been rolled out to all English-language queries yesterday afternoon. We were hurt even more. Still, surprised to not hear ANY stories of ANYONE recovering.

Anyone else blasted?

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Just read ( blog searchenginewatch com/110412-160000 ) good article about how Panda is affecting authoritative UK web site. Some highly credible sites up to 99.7% down in traffic as a result. Ouch! There were some winners in the initial algorhythmic change though, ironically including blogspot.com up 22.80 percent.

quoted "...Much like the devastation unleashed on unsuspecting sites in the U.S. in February, today price comparison sites and many content sites (e.g., news, reviews, blogs) Google has deemed "shallow" have been hammered in the UK search results, according to preliminary data released today by Searchmetrics ..."

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