Hi Everyone
I have been successfully answering questions on Yahoo and have many best answers. I would like to display these on my site and I have found a plugin that will allow these to be displayed like a blog post for each question and best answer, by accessing yahoo RSS.

I am using this ligitimately to display only MY answers but I know some sites us this plugin to pretend they are creating real posts.

Does anyone know if doing this would make my site look like I'm duplicating content and thus be less attractive for SEO purposes, as I don't want to do that.

Also if anyone knows a better/safer way I would appreciate the advice.

Thanks in advance for your help - I am new to all this and learning as I go along.


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Posting same content will not achieve any higher SERP, however YA can drive traffic to your website. Probably it will be a good idea, if your right answer is not answered by anybody to create an article on this topic, this for sure will guarantee good traffic and high SERP for this article.

Thanks webmaisterpro

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