Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a lot of my keywords which were previously on pages 1-3 on Google but then just disappeared from Google completely a few months ago.

After doing some research myself I discovered that we had duplicate pages relating to each keyword which had disappeared from Google after my coder wrongly gave new urls to the pages after we updated their designs. I realised that having duplicate pages on a website is a big no-no as far as Google is concerned and I was then advised as a result to re-direct the first urls to the more current ones so just one active url remains on the website for each page and therefore each keyword we are optimizing for.

Since that point we have submitted a list of these re-directed urls and current urls to Google but the keywords have not since appeared back in their old positions on Google. And these re-directed urls and current urls were submitted about four months ago.

Is there anything else I can do to try and get my previously highly ranked keywords back to their original positions? I have fixed all the issues on the website with regards to duplicate content and so i see no reason why they should not be re-installed to their original high positions on pages 1-3 on Google.

I would also like to point out that some of the keywords we are optimizing for have stayed on Google`s number one page and have not been affected at all. But as far as I am aware these keywords did not have pages which were duplicated.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many Thanks.

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Unfortunately, it's been my personal experience that when you screw up your SEO due to a blatant mistake (such as this one), and subsequently get deindexed for a particular keyword, it's very rare that you'll quickly earn back the rank for that keyword. More often, things shift around and I begin ranking for an entirely different set of keywords.

Regarding your duplicate content issue, I know you said you got it straightened out, but look into canonical tags. That may be a better solution for you.

I have been facing the same problem since my keywords are diappeared from the Google last three month. I am looking for Good solution, kindly help me.

hi..Recently Google Updated Pagerank,most of the websites increase or decrease the page rank as well as keywords ranking decreases.

Same problem with me not able to find my keywords in 50 pages.All my keywords dropped...I dont know what to do so that my keywords come up in search results.Please share some tips.

Hi Dani,

Are you a SEO expert yourself? And will the keywords eventually be ranked in the same position again? Even if this takes several months?

And please explain to me how using canonical tags will help me in this case? As I am a newbie with regards to SEO.

Many thanks.

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