What is Link-wheel?

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A link wheel is nothing more than backlinks pointing to your site. Visually each backlink is like a wheel spoke connecting to your site which is at the center. And each backlink also connects to each other as well. Nowadays, with SEO and backlink building, it's good to keep backlink building random.

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Link wheels are nothing but a group of websites that are interconnected which try to improve the ranking of a target website by linking to target website.

link wheel gives a good optimization for your website, the better the link wheel the better rank in the can.

Link Wheel is a technique which is related to Link juice ! Its same of Link juice ! Where you create blog sites and link them like a spider web that the center is your money site.

A group of sites when they are connected for increasing link building.

Links wheeling is effective strategy for getting backlinks form different web 2.0 sites.

Link wheel is a widely used internet marketing strategy. The basic idea of link wheels is to create a pattern of links which flow from one website to another which would finally link to a targeted website requiring promotion.

Link wheels fall under the category of search engine optimization, however, when social media sites are used to create the link flow the link wheel strategy becomes social media marketing. According to experts, link wheels have maximum effectiveness when the social media sites are used.

As per my knowledge link wheel is a basically used internet marketing strategy...

Wheel in seo is a great way to rank web site because it's circle linking, it means we giving back links if your website is belong to wheel link.

Link wheel technique creates some articles on social media websites with Quality content.It will gets high traffic and more backlinks to our website.

Link Wheel is one process to acquire backlinks from various high page rank authority sites with natural contents

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