Get more friends on fb and share your comments to all and get likes

Try addmefast. It is a best site where you can increase your like on facebook page.

Give more attractive and informative posts. Also join in groups depends on your product or service, increase members from the group then your likes will get increased automatically. Or else promote your page.

you can do many thing to promte your page first of all you can use picture and videos specily to promote your page .. use uniques and attractive pictures and videos to attract people to your page.. more share you will get more like you will genrate.. Or you can use any exchange site to get likes.

get registered with addmefast and then gain bulk of likes

For increasing Facebook likes you should add quality and informative content on your Facebook pages.

You can create a social loving profile.

There is lot free tools to increase the likes.


Try to increase your social network in facebook or in other sites.
Now a days on web there are lots of tool or sites through which you can more than 100 likes per day but that all likes are useless for the business purpose. So just interact with genuine user and invite them like your FB page

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You could always use some tools like addmefast bots for increasing facebook likes in a jiffy !!

you can use addmefast for getting more facebook likes.

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You can use to increase your likes.

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IIf you want quality pratilce, you have to do fb ads or groups to leave comments and there will be people who are interested.
I do not recommend that you use FB like exchange, because most are poor quality characters, mostly to farms like

increase facebook friends and share your page join groups and share your page

You can purchase Facebook like or you can take help of Facebook ad to promote your page.

Create things that are sad,intresting,beautiful,informative,latest and simply awsome.If anybody saw of these things on the intrnet he/she definitely click like button.

better increase genuine facebook likes by posting regular updates than to use all free facebook tools to increase likes.

Purchase Facebook likes or you can take help of Facebook ad.

share interesting posts, promote your posts by paying a small amount now and then, run contests and give away prizes for your fans, join communities within facebook and outside for like exchange and share likes with limit frequently

Update your fan page more frequently with unique posts like photos, videos. You ll defineitly receive more followers and likes.

try updating new and fresh content. this will definately work out

Make your post interesting with call to action statements and keep updating the submissions on the page

Some of the ways to increase a facebook likes are:
1) Facebook contests are the easiest way to get people excited and draw new users in as Fans.
2) Like-Gated Coupons-Coupons are a great promotion. Something small like a 10% off coupon gives people an incentive to buy while keeping your margins intact.
3) Like-Gated Ebooks- Sometimes educational content is a better incentive than a discount offer or prize, depending on your industry or target market.
4) Facebook Ads are the easiest way to increase your valuable Facebook Likes. Why? Because you’re guaranteed visibility of your brand to a highly targeted audience.
5) Add a “Like” button or box to your blog.
6) Add a “Like” button to your Website’s Header.
7) Exclusive Like-Gated Videos

In my opinion Facebook Ads are the fastest way to grow your Facebook community

You can put together an inexpensive Facebook Like campaign in a matter of minutes — very specifically targeting your core market.

A Facebook Like ad campaign has multiple benefits, the top three of which are:

Increased brand awareness with target audience
Growing the Facebook channel which you can use to nurture leads into customers
Drive traffic to your website from your Facebook Page

The only working way is by submitting Fresh content, updated content on the website and do off page with social networking.This will help you in getting more and more face book likes.

Start submitting the topics which are of the current trends and look for the groups of the same category and like them then your post automatically gets highlighted in their's. Through this you can increase your likes.

also check the quality of the likes you get, coz you might have 5 million likes of people who dont really want your product.
a very important factor on facebook pages is user engagement how do users engage with your content that you post

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