on-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page.on-page optimization includes actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

Organic SEO is free and natural way of getting traffic on your website.
Inorganic SEO provides results in very short times than organic .Through Inorganic SEO, we get immediate result as because it is paid service. It is very easy to understand and get targeted traffic.

On page SEO is a developer site work its effects includes
1. Interlinking
2.Title meta description keywords and formating.
3.URL optimization.
4.Image optimization
5.quality content.

On-Page SEO work -
Always start with keyword selection, research and testing
Meta Description tag
ALT tags
H1 tags
URL structure
Internal linking strategy
Keyword density
Site maps, both XML and user facing
Usability and accessibility
Track target keywords

Onpage working is usually working completely on creating good userfriendly website.

On Page SEO work is reviewing and editing the website online on the website with all major and minor SEO Friendly changes..

On page work:You can change within your website to make it more attractive.Changes includes:
(1)H1 tags.
(2)Title tags.
(3)Keyword density.
(4)Meta keyword tag.
(5)Meta description tag.
(6)Image alt tags.

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On-page Optimization are
Meta Title, Keywords, Description
Alt Tags
Bold Tags
Header Tags
Canonical Tags
Keyword Density
Keyword Promienance
Deep Link Structure
Quality Inbound Links

Creation of meta tags
title optimization
keyword analyzing
competitor analyse
Image optimization
-are some of the techniques of on page optimization.

On page optimization work is done on website sourcecode. you need to understand the code first , then you can apply onpage techniques.

On-page Optimization are Meta Title, Keywords, Description, Alt Tags, Bold Tags, Header Tags

I would refer you to http://moz.com/learn/seo/on-page-factors . Here all the important factors are explained.

But I will advise one thing. Don't over optimize these. You don't need to emplement all of these. These are not necessary. If a content is great and some basic elements are optimized, you will get ranking.

But if you optimized and optimized the complete page and content, I assure you there will be no ranking for a long way.

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