Hi friends, what is Onpage work and steps can anybody tell me ?????????

Under on page we put title, description,keyword, h1 to h6, content, footer and many more.

Steps for doing on page optimization
Website analysis
Compititor analysis
Keyword research
Creation of title and meta tags for all pages
Checking content on website
Creation of sitemap
Creation of robots.txt file

There are so many things when Onpage SEO comes like meta tags, placing keywords, using of H1-H6 heading, Interlinking and quality content etc.

On page work is as follows:
Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Website Structure Optimizer
Keyword Analysis
Content Optimization
Image Optimization
Meta tag creation and optimization
Creation of sitemap and robots.txt
Add website to webmaster tool
Install Google analytics

These all things are necessary but some more thing are also important like always update your strategy according to updated done by all search engine specially Google. Because most of SEO is doing work for Google only.

Title tag
Meta tag
Web site maps
Website analysis
Compititor analysis
Keyword research
Checking content on website
Creation of sitemap
Creation of robots.txt file

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Create Unique, Short Title Tags For Every Page
Use Heading Tags To Reinforce The Title And Subject Of Your Page
Write Unique Meta Descriptions
Page Speed Is Important
Create Fresh Content
Make Your Website Crawl able

URLs – Make Them Short, Navigational, and Keyword Rich
Write More and Longer Content
Add Rich Snippets (Metadata)

on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

OnPage work is directly related to website which is helpful in getting ranking easier.If OnPage of the website is done according to Google's Guidelines then website can get ranking fast and easily...

Website Analyse
Keyword Research & Analyse

On page optimization means doing changes on website
Steps of on page optimization
Website analysis
Keywords research
creation of sitemap
creation of robots.txt file
creation of title, meta tags, alt tags

Creating title, meta tags, alt tags, sitemap, robots.txt file, content optimzation etc are the steps of on page optimization.

The On Page work includes:
Image Optimization
Creat a sitmap
website Analysis
content Optimization
Compititor Analysis
Keyword research

On page work included
Meta tags, alt tags, header optimization, favicon check, H card and V card for MAP, OG tag, sitmap creating, competitor analysis, etc....

On page Work includes:
Keyword Research
competitor Analysis
Meta Keywords,Meta Description,Meta Title
Header tags Optimization
Sitemaps Creation
Submission of your site in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
Images in <alt>
Google Places Submission
Website Analysis
robots.txt etc.....

On-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

Keyword analysis,Competitor analysis,Meta Tags optimization,Alt Tags optimization,Anchor text optimization,Content optimization,Search engine friendly URL,Canonical issue,Heading optimization,Keyword density,Sitemap creation,Usability and accessibility,Google analytics,Webmaster setup,Browser compatibility,Html optimization these are the best techniques for on-page optimisation.

Title tags
Meta tags
H Tags
Keywords (phrase)
URL structure
Unique content
Image Alt Tags
HTML, XML site map creation
These are major aspects to follow in an On-Page Optimization..

on page is one of the part of SEO activity which helps to rank the wesbite on Google. In on page we need to make changes in the website for search crawlers, like title tag, meta tag, robots.txt, sitemap etc.

On page seo should contains,
Be hyper-relevant to a specific topic (usually a product or single object)
-Include subject in title tag
-Include subject in URL
-Include subject in image alt text
-Specify subject several times throughout text content
Provide unique content about a given subject
Link back to its category page
Link back to its subcategory page (If applicable)
Link back to its homepage

At on page optimizations we have to do some more important tactics, like keyword research , competitors analyze , title tags, meta tags , content optimization, alt tag, image tags,etc.

On-page Optimization:
* Meta Title, Keywords, Description
* Alt Tags
* Bold Tags
* Header Tags
* Canonical Tags
* Robot.txt


So an on-page work is something like you need to do first before you do an off-page optimization. on-page optimization includes having proper keywords on your site putting those keywords on your meta tags, adding alt tags on your images, creating sitemap, robots.txt, adding header tags as well and fresh contents on your site always.

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Just target main keywords for your home page. Then add Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Desicription. Then you will do alt tag optimization.

On-Page work is where you can fix your website errors like 404 error, 301 redirect error, human.txt file, favicon adding, robots.txt, sitemap.xml + Title adding, Description adding, Keywords adding + Google webmaster tools adding, creation of Title, meta tags, alt tags etc. If your websites 85% On-Page is according to Google then you don't need to do Off-Page.