got australian project so could i use australian bookamrking or any country site good

If you got australian project for the promotion . then you have need to use the book marking for the australian local networking sites . you can also use those site which is more popurlar among the australian people .

Yes, if you have to target AU then you can go for AU domain websites either you are doing bookmarking or something else. There are few more websites which are popular among world so also submit on those.

If your Australian project need to target Australian people then should use local bookmarking sites and bookmarking sites which are more popular among Australian. If target is global audience then should use worldwide popular sites.

You can try australian local social bookmarkings.

Well, ofcourse yes you if you are working over the austrailing project than you are going to use Australian social bookmarking sites.

Yes , Target .au domain , get list of local business in Aus and go head

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