i was analysing my site through the online tool then i found out that my site has missing dublin core.Then i asked abou it to my friend who has th around 10 year experience in the seo field that what is dublin core sir he said what is that never heard about it. so want to know about it what is dublin core?????? sorry if this question already asked here

If you do a search you will find multiple references to dublin core on both these forums and on google itself.

The very quick easy way of explaining what dublin core is - its semantic meta tags. If your entire site follows semantic guidelines then dublin core will probably be your next step.

Agreed with @PixelatedKarma, a little Googling will end you giving results about what dublin core is

"Dublin Core is an initiative to create a digital "library card catalog" for the Web. Dublin Core is made up of 15 metadata (data that describes data) elements that offer expanded cataloging information and improved document indexing for search engine programs."

which means the same that above user has speak out !

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