Please guyes,
Anyone has any idea how I can boost my site rank.
I'm really in the bottom right now. I want to get higher.
Please help

I'm really at the bottom too man and want so very much to get higher. Fortunately I have both an emotional and ranking cure that works magic but I'll only offer you some suggestions for your webpage ranking woes.

I know that it will take a bit of creative effort on your part as it will require you to craft significant content, not necessarily a whole bunch of content but unique, well phrased, naturally appearing words and phrases in the form of headings and sentences in paragraphs. You'll have to make it interesting and a bit more robust using optimized images or videos. Remember to pay attention to spelling and grammar and avoid repeating the same sequence of words continually, a fault of novices often deployed in an effort to indicate importance words for keyword searches. Ya, the SEO beginner will have to flex their language muscles in order to convince the search engine that their content is important stuff. In that process the optimizer will likely establish a trust relationship between the search engine's ranking mecanisms and the site's evolving content creation. Simultaneously they'll be a need to bolster your main web pages' importance using a variety of social media triggers like Youtube videos and Facebook fan pages. Then ... well, that'll get you started I'm sure. Good luck.

This is not an unique issue... This is a common isuue. Everyone want to achieve this goal. Someone can able to touch the success, someone doesn't . Why? because lack of knowledge. Bro!... Read Google first, what google needs, it's guidelines, rules etc. You can't able to count it, How many resources out there in Google on your target.

By the way, you can follow this guidelines as well.

  1. Check your on page optimization, is it either seo friendly or not?
  2. Is your website performance better?
  3. Know Organic traffic.
  4. Do Keyword Research.
  5. Make Great Content through your keywords.
  6. Do Link Building in Right Way.

On-page Optimization is only 30% of your site traffic booster.
To increase the balance 70% of your site traffic, you need to Off-page optimization process properly.
Always submit your website or web page to the right and top social medias, directories, forums, photo sharing, video sharing and other sharing sites.

For example:
Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Google +
Photo Sharing - Pinterest, Flickr

It is more worthy to get .gov and .edu sites to share. Google pays more attention to this kind of backlinks.

Use only top ranking sites to share your link.

How to find a top ranking sites?
Here is the answer, use the alexa ranking to find the rank of a particular site. This may take some time to find all sites at once. But, this is a one time work. Once you find all good and top ranking sites you can do the same for all your other website and web pages.

Note: While submitting your website or web page to a directory or some sharing sites check whether they actually share your link. Some sharing sites put No Follow on their sites and its is waste of time to share your valuable links in that site.

Always do it in a right way to stay long in search results. Follow the rules and be high.

Have a nice day. Keep smiling forever :)

u try to get some populer keywords & do many forum sumbbition & link building.

commented: holy cow sunny you've gotta' work on that spelling -2

Well I’ve been using SerpClix to boost my first page rankings and that has been going reasonably well. Have you tried that?

"I'm really in the bottom right now" - what does that even mean? :D At the bottom of the first page, or not even showing in the SERPs because your site is new and hasn't been even indexed yet?

SEO is a complex thing, and it requires hard work. IMO, you need to make a detailed plan for both your On-Site and Off-Site optimization. If you are a local business, then aside from Organic SEO you must develop a plan for your Local SEO as well (Citation sources and directories which are related to your country/city and industry you operate in)

So my advice would be prior to doing any Off-Site optimization, optimize your site On-Site until there are 0 flaws. Yes, you read that right, 0 flaws. This means - 0 duplicate content, no technical errors such as crawling errors, broken links, sitemap issues, robots.txt problems and so on, good internal linking, optimized title tags and meta descriptions, lenghty unique content which is actually engaging and people read it (this means low bounce rates and higher average time spent on your site), and on and on the list goes (just search for On-Site SEO optimization).

Once you have that right, proceed to backlinking but be very conservative with this. I wouldn't recommend any blackhat methods and for a start, I will focus on high-quality blog comments and Guest Posts on relevat authority sites in your industry. After that you can proceed with more advanced strategies such as link baiting and Infographics and so on...

I hope that helps ;-)

Good Luck!

I also forgot to mentiont the Keyword Research... Forget about keyword density and focus on writing quality content. Investigate what keyphrases have high commercial intent and which would bring targeted traffic, don't just optimize for rubbish keywords... (e.g. You have a website which sells dog foods and you write articles and optimize for "how to make the best burito" or "why are cats better than dogs", you get the point, there will be zillion keyword suggestions from both Keyword Planner and any other tool that you use, FOCUS is what you need!

I wouldn't worry that much about keyword competition nowadays (except for the obvious one-word keyphrases which you don't even need... if you work smart and hard, you can rank for almost any medium and longtail keyword, and it is not impossible as it may seem.. although some industries are much more competitive than others, almost in any and every one you can find golden nuggets, and most of the time, tools are not even right for assesing the competitiveness... You might use SEOQuake for this, but my suggestion, just do a simple Google search and check the websites already ranking - Are they all giants like Wikipedia, Pintrest, Facebook, WikiHow etc.? Then move to the next keyword - even if there is just one or two normal blogs already showing in the SERPs, that means you can do it too...

And just off the record, even if all results are the giants, you can still rank above them if you know what you are doing... I've done it time and time again... Stop listening to the buzz and all the conformers who just like parrots repeat what others are saying.. experiment on your own, and see what works.

Heck, don't even listen to me, just get it done :D

SEO have two segment. One page seo and Off page Seo.
Dofollow backlink, Blog Comment, Directory submition, Social book marking and many more. If you do that you get huge visitor for your website.
Thank your for asking this question.

Check with the On-page optimization and find out whether it has been done properly or not.
Do keyword research, use Long Tail Keywords
Do some activities like Videos submissions, Guest posting, Blogging, Infographics submissions, Forum and Q&A participations, Blog commenting, etc.

Hi...i am also new here. I think you should follow this.Check your on page optimization, is it either seo friendly or not?Is your website performance better?Know Organic traffic.Do Keyword Research.Make Great Content through your keywords.Do Link Building in Right Way.

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