I want to know about image submission in SEO. Please explain about the image title and description to optimize in search engine. How much helpful for SEO?

What matters the most I think is the alt tags of the image. It's how the computer identifies the image and how google views it.

  1. You need to have proper keywords of websites so that people search you by that keywords , these keywords will be included when a site ask you to enter a title.
  2. use hashtags for image search and captions this is mostly used.
  3. Image

Sign up, upload, include caption and hashtags.

Keywords are the main thing. You dont need to find them, most often they find you. In TV niche yuor main keyword with be LED TV, TV, television etc. Pretty simple, right?

All of these need to be used not only in texts but in alt as well. As far as i know this is one of the most valuable thing when it comes to images in SEO.

Just dont forget all text MUST be readable whether its title image, alt description or similar.

My general advice is you have much spare time dealing with all those IMG alts and titles would be to describe every picture and put some LSI or longtail keyword (or a main keyword) where it belongs but not overoptimizes the page

All you can do on submitting image on SEO. The image must be related to your website in different image submission or sharing sites. Image submission involves choosing the right image, file format, alternate text, and image description.

like to sharing facebook,whatsapp,instagram

You can use the keyword planner tool to see which keywords are getting searched the most, you can then change the alt tags respectively.

You need to create the innovative image which should be related to your website an then post it to the different image submission sites. There are lots of image submission sites, you can search it through Google.

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