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Umm ... what about it would you like to know? It's obviously a very broad topic and the way you use it is very much geared towards each individual use case.

PPC means Pay per click. PPC is the good platform for those who wants to advertise their business on the internet. In PPC ad, you have to pay for each click, when someone clicks on the advertisement. PPC program offered by the google. One more advantage of google adwords is that, you can see the average monthly searched of each keyword.

Agreed with Dani.... PPC is a really very deep. And if you have anything specific in mind you can ask. if you are beginner and want to learn PPC then you can find some good resource on the google.

I totally agree with DANI that you have to be very particular about the genre you want tips for. However, I’ll provide some general tips for CPC, which may help you with your growth.

Focus on improving your quality score; the quality score is calculated by combining the quality estimates of your landing pages, keywords, and ads. Pay a lot of attention to your quality score, as almost 90 percent of your CPC depends on it.

  • Make your ad more relevant to the keyword you are bidding for.
  • Pay close attention to your landing page, as that would be the only thing that will retain the visitors. If your landing page happens to be boring or irrelevant to the visitor, there definitely won't be any conversions.
  • Improve your CTR (Click Through Rate). A simple formula calculates your CTR (Click/impressions). This factor directly impacts your quality score.
  • Long tail keywords should be your focus as they tend to solve a searcher's query.
  • Use geo-targeting to grab customers from the locations you receive the most clicks from.

PPC is a very vast topic, and it’s hard to cover everything in just a single reply. Ping me with a more specific question and mention what in particular you are referring to.

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