Hi Friends !! Which SEO plugin is best suit for word press site? Someone suggest All in one and another suggest Yoast plugin so which is best.

I have worked with Yoast on a few sites I contribute to, and it certainly helps the content provider to at least get the SEO basics right.

Wordpress itself is good for SEO already, but if you have to, use Yoast.

The plugin itself is not that important. Make sure that your site:

1) Works well with the social media sites you use (e.g. pulls in the right thumbnail and summary text when you share a page)

2) Write good content that is relevant to your target market

There are dozens of ways you can accomplish this, and it's easily done with the built in tools.

Write unique text and have helpfull information on your site for users.. if you do this two steps right, results will come faster than you expect you may rank 1st - 3rd at google in 1 week

Wordpress is the best platform for SEO purposes. To me it support the best for beginners to SEO as It allows you to optimize either meta title or meta description, plus images alternative tags as well.

Luke, did you actually read the question? The OP is already using WordPress, and was asking about the best SEO plugins to use with it...

argh, Sorry my bad....
So my answer should be Yoast SEO.
Actually I also use Yoast for further optimization steps.

yoast is the best one for seo

I am also use that plugin yoast for my wordpress site.

I will suggest All in One SEO plugin.

hi shilpa,

yeah shilpa your friend suggested correct plug in for wordpress which is SEO Yoast , this tool helps you for creating pages for content modification it will helpful to you to fix meta title,meta keywords and meta description.

There're some plugins that can help you in your wordpress sites such as Yoast SEO, Comment Luv, BackWPup, Fast Secure Contact Form, Shortcodes Ultimate, ...

I'll go with Yoast. I have been using it since a long time and definitely it's the best choice among all the WordPress SEO plugins.
But, installing a plugin alone won't help you. You need to have the basic knowledge of SEO in order to achieve results. If your basics are not clear you will not be able to utilize no matter which plugin you use. Pay attention to your on page SEO, your keywords is the foundation of your SEO so choose the right keywords for your page and put it appropriately in your heading, title, meta description and body content. Setup your XML sitemap, interconnect the whole website with relevant links and most important of all create quality content.

Yoast i prefer for all my clients..

For WordPress SEO, Yoast is best. However, you need some other plugins also to optimize your site better. For example for any redirection, rich snippet etc. you need another plugin based on your site need.

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