Hi, everyone! I`ve just started learning SEO and I want to find some experts or leaders of opinions. Can you give me any advise how to find them or may be links to their pages in FB or twitter? Thanks a lot

Do not be so rude. I`ve just asking for information for my research and studying.

Alex, it's rude to crosspost like that. Folk will notice and your newer folk will not see why it's rude.

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Do not be so rude. I`ve just asking for information for my research and studying.

Sorry for being rude. Now you apologise for wasting everybody's time. If you don't have the intellect to see that's what you're doing, try a different hobby.

Alex, I've moved your question into the SEO forum. Have a read through the posts here and you'll start to find who the experts with a real understanding are as well as identifying the spammers who can be ignored.

I think the best way to find these experts is visiting forums about whitehat and blackhat seo. Sometimes whole forum will let you learn much more than just contact with one person found on the internet.

I agree with the above comments, Moz is very great to start.
Also want to add
Webmaster World
Search Engine Journal
Point Blank SEO Blog
Then start working on a website, or a couple of websites.
Experiment with them by changing the title tag, adding more content to some of the pages, reoptimizing.
As you work on them, keep an SEO Log and write down the changes that you make and the dates that you make them. Watch how it influences rankings. If you do this diligently you will learn more from this than any reading.
Install google analytics on these websites and become a student of the sources of traffic and the queries that people type in.

Try authorityhacker.com, they are the best in this field.

There are so many resources for learning SEO on the web. You can search on Google and you can see there are variety of options available as blogs, videos, online tutorials and forum communities available there.
Top SEO learning resources are:
Warriorforum Community
Moz Blog
Search Engine Journal
and So many other resources where you can learn digital marketing. Hope all resources will helps you alot.

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