Thanks everybody for the discussion So here's the thing.
I was invited on an interview for a company to do there SEO and they gave me access to their SemRush and said that find us the keyword on which we have not created a blog post before and neither our competitors and they told me that it should be informational not commercial.
So I used the SemRush and found the keyword now here is the thing I relied completely on the SemRush and it was showing that the keyword is informational and then the interviewer typed that keyword in the google and all the SERP's were commercial for that specific keyword.
So here is my point that you can not completely rely on tools.

For those unaware, the discussion that Emma is referring to is this one.

Thank you for your story. Sorry that happened to you. Did you end up not getting the job because of that?

You live and you learn, and always strive to do better next time!

commented: nope i did not +0

You're right; tools like SemRush are helpful, but always verify keyword intent manually. Checking Google SERPs yourself ensures the results align with the informational intent required. Tools provide guidance, but human validation is crucial.

You're absolutely right that relying solely on SEO tools like SemRush can sometimes lead to mismatches between the tool's categorization of a keyword (informational vs. commercial) and the actual search engine results pages (SERPs) for that keyword. This discrepancy can occur due to various factors such as changes in search trends, evolving algorithms, or how competitors are optimizing their content.

To address this in the future, it's essential to cross-verify data from SEO tools with manual inspection of SERPs. This ensures a more accurate assessment of keyword intent and competition. Additionally, staying updated with industry trends and user behavior can help anticipate such discrepancies and adjust strategies accordingly. Balancing tool insights with practical observation is key to effective SEO strategy and decision-making.

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