I thought of a way to promote my business to get more customers that is very unique; but I encourage you to give it a try. My Website is aimed towards generation Y so I thought "Why not join a bunch of flash highscore websites and put my business name as the topscore?" Well I have been testing this theory for a few days and it seems to be somehwat succesful. I have only gotten my site on highscore lists on two different flash game websites but that still gets my name out there. I would encourage to give my idea a try for a couple days and see if your sites traffic improves. I would like to hear how this works for you!

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Seems to be a good idea, however it won't help you in a long run. The most important thing is that, are getting some targeted traffic to your website?

While I work on getting targeted traffic I can still get people to go to my site by using my high score method. I am still developing my site adding new stuff almost every day so I won't have to rely on this idea it is just temporary.

Nice idea dude. I wish you share your method once you are successful in your project.

Well I am on at least 5 high score lists and my traffic has tripled! I am adding new content to my site so that does add to it also.

Hey, I think it is really good idea and it will work in short term plan. Not sure about long term. Anyways, I will be waiting for those ideas which if you want you can give us after you project finish successfully. thanks.

Are these visitors potential customers? Do they convert into buyers? Or just traffic?

^ If he is getting targeted traffic there is more chances to get good conversion rate.

High score links are good source of increasing traffic for the website but the main thing which helps is updates in website.

I wish this new method becomes succesful... but cant you describe me in details how it works..

Its an interesting idea but you could also do an unconventional/ambient advertising campaign which could attract people towards your business

the tips seems to be good n hopefully will work out in long run but we need to think about more ideas to increase the traffic and promote our business...

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