"If you build it, they will come"

Great line from a great movie but too many people apply the same logic to corporate websites (on of my clients is one of them). If your community growth become stagnant or worse, reversed, is it possible that you have allowed yourself to be complacent in assuming that people will join your community without any other effort? Does anyone know of a community that has taken the "I built it and now they will come" attitude?

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My client is eager to start a community but his approach is half 'field of dreams', half 'now that I have your attention let me sell, sell, sell'.

I am hesitant with him.


Many sites have that strong sell side and for me, its a turn off.

As a person who entered the business world in marketing before the prevalence of the internet, it is sad to see so many intelligent people who have forgotten that consultative sales are always better for long term results than the hard sell.

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