Google is very popular and great search engine,but i think facebook is better social network engine than google+ so according to me google+ can not beat facebook popularity.

Google has now become corporate, its keep on launching new products in market. Almost 3 to 4 product were launched last year like Google Buzz, but now they don't exist now. So overcoming to facebook wouldn't be easier, but my best wishes are with them.

I thing google can do it but maybe need more time to beat FB

I'm not sure that Google+ will be able to even dent the massive amount of traffic Facebook gets on a daily basis. While Facebook continues to make decisions that would seem to turn people away from the site(i.e. security concersn, the lifeline layout), not many of us have stopped using it. I don't even like FB that much, and I still log in everyday!

And when it's ingrained into your daily Internet use, it's hard to get people to change that habit and use Google+ instead. If Google is able to offer something that's much better and easier to use, perhaps it will gain more active users. But for now, it's a very distant second, and I don't think that's ever going to change.

No i don't think so because Facebook is far better than Google Plus

I don't thinks it's happening near about, but it may be in future, bcz google going to up 100 speed.

Google+ Will Beat Facebook Very soon! Google is King.

no dear Google plus cannot beat FB but Google plus is not bad but its very difficult to beat FB

I dont know, because i am a fan of Google+ and FB both.

Google+ can't beat facebook. Because facebook have more visitor than google+.

dear according to me google+ is one of the good social media but it never beat facebook but overall google support give them a great help

This is very difference concept. Most of Neter think Google is Search Engine, FB is social comminity. Difference way to earn money

Never, Google+ can not beat facebook.

Well it’s not practically possible to beat that social networking who has aware people to getting socialized online.

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Lets just wait and see because nowadays facebook so popular.

It takes time but I am certain that google+ will beat fb

No I don't Thinks so . Facebook will remain the king and Google + still need some time to be the monopolist of social media .

No google Plus not beat the Facebook.
Its true.

Google+ does not beat facebook..

It has been approximately a year now for the Google+ exploration. Even though many have accounts with Google+, it is now often referred to as the ghost town of social media.

Can not say anything now. Google + has captured a good market since it launched. But still a very long way to go to beat Facebook.

Likely Google will eventually swallow up facebook. Google Plus is gaining since you have to be a member to post a site review on Google business listings.

yeah this is can happen .. Google Plus is one of the most emerging social sites.

I'm using facebook and will say NO :D Google+ is look like the Yahoo Blog before.

Google will beat the facebook. But that's all will not happen in a night .It is long time process. Facebook is a growing one.

I think google + is never beat FB.

I think that FaceBook could create a search engine within social network that bases it's search results on what it's friends or a larger group of people like. I don't think people will move to Google + for their social network, it's just too much of a move for people to start again.

No, i did not think so because Google+ launched recently.

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