15 Common Pitfalls

Okay, I know you are lazy to read the lengthy and boring Google Adsense program policy and terms and conditions. But it is very important to understand them, so that you are not banned by Google.

On my visit through sites and forums, I daily notice several instances of misuse of Adsense ads. Believe me, if I can see it in a 5 seconds gaze! - so can the Adsense guys. And if they do, you are on your way off the program. So here a few helpful Google Adsense tips, probably many you already know, and few you might gain by knowing now. These adsense faq are all picked from the Program Policies, Terms and Conditions and FAQ itself and presented in a simplified manner.

Take note of these 15 points and you should be safe.

1. Never click your own ads or get them clicked for whatever reason.
2. Never change the Adsense code
3. Maximum 3 ad units, 1 ad link, 2 search boxes, 1 referral button on any web page.
4. Do not run competitive contextual text ad or search services.
5. Do not disclose confidential information (CTR,ePCM)
6. Label headings as "sponsored links" or "advertisements" only
7. Never launch a New Page for clicked ads by default
8. One Account suffices for Multiple websites
9. Do not mask ad elements
10. Keep track of your content

If you are confused or want to get more points and thier details check out in this thread.


Sounds useful but the link doesn't work. A pop-up ad comes up (I suppressed that) and the only word on the screen leads through to a series of ads for other advertising services!

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