Orkut is slowly disappearing now because of users keeps on moving to Facebook.
To pull them back Google + is here now. With HTML5 I think.

Hi There, I am kind of new in the internet marketing subjects. which of these 2 sites can help better in terms of bringing more traffic?

Thank you

According to my opinion Facebook is good media to get more traffic to the site.

I would also love to go with facebook as its the best.

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I think Facebook is better at the moment, but G+ will grown up shortly

I think that all social media sites have their market and their public. Facebook is an enormous magnet of people. I am certain that Google + will be too, but it's building right now. I would say it depends on what results you want, if you're looking for something relatively fast, or a progress over time. It also depends on your niche and on how you present it.

I don't think people are more into Google plus but they surely are on Facebook. I would suggest Facebook for this.

I prefer Facebook than google plus becuase facebook is more populat than google plus.

my vote is for Facebook....bcuz Google+ is so commercialized that it so seems like social network site.

Facebook still the best than Google +... Fewer people used Google plus than the Facebook

Having an account on both sites seems to be even better since their free

but if I had to choose only one it'd be facebook because of popularity and peer pressure

Build on Google+ and the Google world opens up to you from the Android platform to YouTube. Google offers a lot of functionality and integration among its many products and projects, then it rewards you by finding you in its searches. Use all the social media that you can put time and effort into, but I suggest you anchor yourself in Google+.

Well,Facebook is more powerful according to G+. 99% people get votes in FB.G+ is also good and beneficial for traffic but its new according to FB.

Hi There, I am kind of new in the internet marketing subjects. which of these 2 sites can help better in terms of bringing more traffic?

Thank you

in my opinion Google + is Best....

Google + will be good competitor for the Facebook. But still Google + new and not much popular at this time. But every one like to new looks.

They're both free. Why not do as much as you can with every free venue available to you?

Yes Agreed.

Facebook is well established social platform and Google plus is product of Best Search Engine Then WHY NOT TO USE BOTH OF GREAT Plat Form for getting benefits from these Internet Bodies in our businesses.

Facebook can bring more traffic to the websites...but not sure about Google+

Soon Google+ too bring traffic as it is getting popular nowadays.

I will combine both. Facebook is the market leader... but on the lon term I'll put my money on G+.

You can use both Facebook and Google Plus. But First to get instant traffic go for Facebook but aside you also create page for your website in Google Plus.

Hey mazdakiaa here you will be getting only one answer and that is FaceBook becasue it is most popular social networking site in the world and Google plus is rearly used by people.

I would like to add something else. I recently watched a vido about google+ by a marketing man. He said that Google+ is different than Facebook in that it would integrate all the stuff in Google, including, Picasa, your blogs, etc., and that Google envisions Google+ as a gateway into the rest of their services and hope in this manner, to offer a real challenge to Facebook. I suppose they are planning to integrate apps and other tempting offers also. Let's see what Facebook counteracts with. . .

Google is busy merging search with social activity.

Facebook is a great venue for marketing but there are a lot of spammers and my problem now is there are a lot of DUPES, I like google plus since it is still straight to the point, and I hope they stay that way.

As of now Facebook rules but sooner i know google dominates. better have both. there is nothing wrong with having both. :D

Google+ is not so popular currently but you can expect some movement there. But as of now focus more on Facebook but don’t ignore Google +.

Its true that every social site is helping out in business. Both Google+ and facebook are helpful in this matter.

Google Plus will give you better ranking than Facebook :)

more people are moving around Facebook.....so i think it would help you to bring more traffic to your site ...

I think Facebook is better than Google +.

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Facebook is a great venue for marketing but there are a lot of spammers and my problem now is there are a lot of DUPES

Well, there are tons of spammers everywhere (including HERE), but I just read that Facebook recent said that there's only 5-6% fake accounts on their network. You have to go where the people are, and there's about a zillion people on Facebook (just my estimate).

Both Google and bing provide good result in rankling. IN google updating the rank is too slow.

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