With AI getting more intelligent and competent every day, will it take online jobs such as social media, digital and marketing jobs?

Yes. But like most technological changes it will create new jobs.

Good timing. Here's a note from someone in my circle:

My boss uses a ChatGPT-alternative to generate complex database
queries. He points it at the database server, gives it credentials, and
then asks it in plain language to come up with a complex SQL query. It
figures out the database (even with weirdly-named fields) and instantly
generates complex queries with multiple joins and orders.

It didn't take anyone's job, it's the new way of how we work today. Unless you thought this should have be done by a human.

Yes, I think AI can do a lot of PPC marketing and SEO grunt work (e.g. keyword research) that would typically be outsourced overseas.

IMO. AI itself will not take somone's job, but people leveraging AI tools will take out the job from those who can't operate with AI tools.

commented: In some industries, yes this could definitely be the case +34

The AI would be very helpful but I don't think so the AI will take jobs ..

commented: AI/ML has already taken jobs here. I have firsthand knowledge on this. +17
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