Hello! I'm beginning work on something and Microsoft's Segoe UI font (which debuted with Windows 7) would be perfect for some UI elements. Would it be legal to take the font files from the Windows font directory and link them with css etc... (The project will eventually be open sourced as well...) Thanks for any suggestions.

I'm still very confused but I will try to figure it out I suppose...

I think the answer is here:

Please fill out the form below to contact Monotype Imaging regarding our various font license extensions for multiple workstations, servers or enterprise-wide applications. We will respond promptly to all inquiries. Thank you.

Okay thanks I will take a look.

Following Nichito's link, I found M+ 2p font on Fontspace Here its free to do as you will with. Fontspace is a site to bookmark.

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Looks nice, thanks for the help.

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