Yes, webpage size- Standard sizes?

Dynamic? I don't know!

I have been building websites since 2000 and the one area I have never, ever been able to fully understand is this topic.

I need serious help with this. Explanations. My site(s) to render properly in any browser. No horizontal-scrolling.

I have researched this for 13+ years and still do not fully understand it.

Please help. It is very important!

Thank you in advance, <DANIWEB>.


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I'm confused by what you mean. Webpage size? Standard sizes??

Basically you just need to design your sites to accomodate people who browse your site from all different size web browsers and resolutions. Design for 1024 pixels wide, typically.

Yes, I'm confused as well, Dani.

But, thank you. 1024 it is :)

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Do you mean responsive websites that use bootstrap or something?

I am also thinking along the lines of responsive websites also. Now the apsect of designing a website and taking display size into consideration means you have to consider all types of device displays.

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