I just got a Motorola Backflip (MB 300 - running Android 2.1) as a work phone two weeks ago. After purchase I uploaded some photos and music (which I scanned with NOD32) from my XP desktop using a mini-USB cable with no problems. After one issue with the phone that required a master reset, I cannot navigate to the phone when connected to the desktop.

The desktop now 'sees' the phone as a removable drive but when I click on it I get an error dialog that reads "Please insert disk into Drive 'G'":@

FYI, I have no third party apps on this phone, no data plan and have only connected to wi-fi twice to set up the motoblur account. Other than that, there has been no internet activity. I also would like to load a good AV on this such as AVG mobilation or Lookout, but can't with this going on.

Please hit me back with a solution; my provider is of no help at this point.

Thanks in advance!:icon_cool:

Can other phones connnected to your laptop and be seen. Try using other phones aybe from your family members and see whether when connected to your laptop can it see the phone SD card

The desktop can 'see' other phones, but that would be a band-aid solution at best. I will be needing to take pics with this device and I need it fully functional and able to connect to my PC.

And while I'm at it, I might as well ask why this 'community' is so slow (with Jingda being an exception...) to be of help?? DOES ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION or is my question too mundane to merit a response?

Yes, I'm shouting because this thread has been posted for a while with only one reply. It is very unlikely I am the first person to submit this type of issue or query, so there must be a solution!

Thank you Jingda for the response; I just need a permanent fix for this problem. After all, it would be ridiculous to constantly remove the SD card so I could get music or DL pics...

Thanks anyway.

You will get slow replies because most of the time they hardly come into this forum. There are experts all over daniweb in PHP, C++, Java, Apple, Windows and Linux. You need to know where your post should be. Currently in this forum, i am tending to all the threads here. I post mostly in the hardware and software forum. There are experts in the windows 7 and virus help forum.

Drive G is nothing just a your card. Have you try contacting the mobile phone manufacturer for hep?

On my Android phone, after connecting it to my desktop I have to enable the "Turn on USB storage" function. I'm running Android 2.3, but it was the same with 2.1 and 2.2.

Damn it why didn't i think of that earlier. For some android phones after connecting your phone to the computer your phone screen will have three options. 1) Charge your phone 2) Install PC Companion or 3) Connect your phone. Mine is an Xperia Android phone and when i select connect your phone the usb card will show it up on dekstop. Not sure whether it will work on an motorola phone, you can give it a try.

Thanks rubberman for the answer, i forget about it totally:@

Or as our friend Homer Simpson would say, "Doh!"... :-)

Thanks for the response folks! The funny thing is I tried getting info off the android forums but there was no response. So when I saw the forum here at Dani-web I thought it couldn't hurt to try. I work in IT and know there are experts in multiple IT apps or platforms but that is of no use to me when I have an android issue.:icon_wink:

Rubberman, I am a complete newbie to Android so can you tell me where that option is located?? After connecting my phone I searched for it under settings but cannot find it within Data manager or other options that seemed related. I will investigate the options on my phone and would appreciate your input.

Jingda/ Rubberman... Thanks again!:icon_smile:

I have a Nexus One running Android Gingerbread (2.3). When I plug it into the computer, it brings up a screen to connect it to the computer as a USB drive. If I only want to charge it, I just go to the main screen. If I enable it, then the drive appears and is mounted on my computer just like any thumb drive.

Hey guys!

I deserve a 'D'oh as well. I found the option you specified!

Thanks for the help - you rock!

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