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my gf needs to buy a battery for her dell studio 1535 laptop, but we are kind of unsure where and what to get. Obviously dell's batteries are really really expensive as you would expect (I checked on the dell's website) so I wonder if you think it is ok to buy a battery compatible with her laptop which is not necessarily dell's. Also what would be the pro and cons of that please?

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I've always bought my Dell batteries on Amazon. They are usually less expensive, and they've always worked for me. I bought one for $30, and it was going for $160 on dell.com. The main thing is to make sure the model number of your laptop is listed in the list of supported models for the battery you're looking at and maybe look at the reviews. I've seen many bad reviews for laptop batteries on Amazon, but I've bought 3 and they were all fine.

For example, here's one for the 1535:

Thanks LaMouche I will have a look. I suppose the one on sale on amazon are not dell's though, but just compatible batteries. So price wise I should look for no less than £30 then, anything less than that might not be reliable I assume

thanks : - ), will let you know how it goes

you can try out for Samsung Batteries as Samsung manufactures batteries for a number of companies.

cool thanks

Ask your girlfriend to purchase original battery for her laptop.

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