I have an old Compaq Evo laptop that has been used sparingly for a few years as a company computer at home. But i decided to make it into a home computer, so i installed a new XP operating system, uploaded office, then plugged it into my broadband modem to download avast! antivirus software. I downloaded the setup file to desktop, ran it, and everything was going fine for a few minutes then a yellow warning triangle appeared in the right of the taskbar, the mouse froze and the lapto shutdown and now wont reboot. I've plugged it into the power supple and it wont even recognise itself as charging, and just tries to reboot every10 seconds or so of its own accord but the lights just flash on and off stright away with a small clickiing sound.

If this is important, this occurred on the first time the laptop has been used away from it's power suply dock in a year or so.

Any help very much appreciated!

This is actually an instance of the yellow triangle virus (not joking) I've heard of it happening to people but am unsure how to fix it. Basically the virus puts that yellow triangle there and it pops up saying your antivirus may be out of date and then screws up people's computers. I think microsoft may have come up with a hotfix for it but seeing as yours is a more advanced version than from what I have heard of it may not be this specific virus. My suggestion is to look online to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. In the meantime if I find more info I'll let you know.

Try manually installing the software instead of downloading. Once done, check for updates that may help combat the yellow triangle virus.

reformat your hard drive and install a fresh OS again.. make sure your installer are clean and doesn't have any virus..

maybe your battery is dead!?

pull the hard drive, and see if the machine will stay on. if thats the case it could very well be that, especially if the clicking noise is coming from the hdd. if it still turns off, try and go into the bios. leave it there for a little while. if that works, then at least you know its not power related.

it kind of depends on which type of avast. because i run avast. on windowxp. it runs perfectly fine. is yours a pirated copy or u bought it?

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