I have NEC multisync FP912SB crt monitor that exhibits strange behavior. I
wanted to get feedback on if it is worth repairing/fixing it.I already
have a new lcd monitor and I was planning on giving this old one to
charity if it can be fixed easily. Thanks

1. Few minutes after the computer goes into sleep mode, the monitor
starts making clicking sounds. The screen still stays blank.

2. When I start my computer, it doesn't turn on, but keeps making the
clicking sound.

3. However, it works if I follow the following steps:
a. disconnect VGA connector, keep monitor powered on
b. start the computer
c. wait for a second and then connect VGA connector
then it works like a charm. If I wait more than a second before
connecting the VGA connector then it doesn't work. It just keeps

Any suggestions would be helpful. I hope it is a simple fix. Thanks.

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2 suggestions ,don't use sleep mode ,most problematic microsoft function i ever used and 2nd throw it in the dumpster ,

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