Hello Everyone,

This is bhiyari from Qatar, Actually i am just totally new to this forum and don,t know how to get help from helpers regarding the troubleshooting and other matters.
Actually my problem is that I have the assembled Desktop having the Intel Processor and Motherboard. But the problem is that when i open the task manager, it shows that nothing is processing and system idle process is 98,99 or sometime 100 but the CPU usage is 50 to 60%. Just coz of it my system lack and i can,t do multiple task at once.

KINdly do help me to find out the solution for this problem.......

OK, first of all I think when your system idle is at 98-100 then your cpu can not be running at 50-60%. But the easiest way to find out which process is taking up cpu performance to 50-60% is on the task manager itself click on the column Image name which is the first column and then the list of processes would shift according to their cpu usage. From there you will be able to determine which process is causing high cpu usage.

Also if you add your specifications on your next post that would be also helpful. Make sure you have some sort of firewall and anti virus in the background to keep your system safe as well.