So is a RAID card at all any good for this PC. Don't forget I am using it for both gaming AND media. What would the RAID card do and what are the modes?

Your choice of motherboard comes with SATA RAID onboard, offering two modes when you have 2 SATA hard drives installed:

RAID 0 - Stripes data across 2 drives, which can be accessed in parallel and so increase performance. Performance benefit is only noticeable in video editing applications.

RAID 1 - Mirrors a drive's contents on second drive. Pure backup, no performance benefit.

Alternatively, you could just have two separate drives with no RAID enabled.

The other consideration to take into account is the increased potential for file corruption and pssible data loss that accompanies a RAID 0 configuration. Research thoroughly and learn the procedures for setting up / configuring and maintaining a RAID setup before implementing one.

Default configurations are not necessarily the best structure to adopt for all purposes.

Imma set it to RAID 1, backup is so fun. :D

Imma set it to RAID 1, backup is so fun. :D

You will need 2 separate physical hard drives in order to use RAID. The drives must also use the SATA drive interface, and the one you've selected in your other thread is a PATA interface drive.

Alright, I'll switch, but darn this is going to be so cool. I may not, because I need as much room as I can, I have lots of games and software.

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