hi, recentley i added a pci card to my computer (belkin wireless adapter) and after that i cannot access cd's on the computer, the icon for cd-rom drive appears in my computer but clicking it does nothing, in order to install some drivers i put a dvd writerdrive in its place and that reads cd's and dvd's but cannot write.

i have tried rempving the pci card and have used my computers cd to restore to a point before things went wrong but this has no affect.

i have windows xp.

thanks in advance


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Sometimes, Windows gets confused as to what device it has where and how it should use it. Especially when the motherboard tries to install it (so turn off ESCD if there is a setting in your BIOS). Run through the following actions to force windows to deal with your devices one at a time and assign them unique IRQ's.

Go to start >> control panel >> system >> add/remove hardware

Remove your PCI card, your CD/DVD...


Physically UNHOOK/Remove each of those things you just uninstalled. Reboot and allow windows to detect that each one of them is removed. Shutdown.

Install/Plug in your PCI device. Boot up. Allow windows to detect and install it. Ensure it is working. Shutdown.

Install your CD/DVD device. Boot up. Allow windows to detect and install it. Ensure it is working. Reboot. Check both PCI and CD/DVD. Ensure both are working.

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