To be as short and to the point as I can.... basically my four year old desktop which I built myself running a raidmax atx 12v psu in a raidmax case, started to give off that burning electrical smell from the psu a couple of weeks ago. I feared that the psu was just old and was dying.

The next day the system would not power up at all so I ordered a thermaltake 430w psu to replace it. I installed it (and double checked that I did so correctly as far as I know) but all I can get when I try to power up the system is a quick 1/4 of a second flash of power where the case fans, proc. fan etc all start and immediately stop and then all power is zapped. To even get that little power splurge again I need to reset the psu or unplug/plug it back in...

Can anybody help me with this, or explain what I am looking at here? I fear that the old psu prob fried the mobo but I don't really have a lot of experience with fried mobo so I don't know what I am looking at any further. Thanks alot for any help

in my opinion ,not much you can do to check the mob except take it out and put in another one that takes your cpu and ram and see if it works for you.
actually after typing that ,i first suggest removing all pci cards and ram and see what happens when you turn it on .then maybe change the board