hi all
i hope someone can help me!

i have an asus A6000 notebook with a parallel port which windows (xp pro sp3) says is enabled and working properly.

i have just bought a professional grade working secondhand 50-pin scsi document & photo scanner (microtek scanmaker 5).

as my notebook has no scsi card, i bought a ready-made converter cable which plugs into the scanner and into my standard 25-pin parallel port LPT1 on the notebook. the plugs fit properly so that is not the issue...

i turned on the scanner, installed the latest drivers and rebooted the machine, however the computer still cannot see the scanner at all.

i have looked in the bios, but there is no mention of the parallel port in there at all

can anyone tell me what i can do, or give me some tests i can run on the parallel port itself to see if there is anything wrong with it? i have never used that port before, and have no other device which i can test it with.

update: it seems the store might have sold me the wrong type of cable. i wanted one that converts the scsi 2 signal into one that can be read in a parallel port, but they sold me one that does not convert the signal and only changes the plug end.