So, I'm posting this in a couple different areas on this site, as I'm really not entirely sure where it falls, but mobos seems right for me.
I picked up an old custom piece from my buddy, just to fool around with it and make it my 'frankenstein' if you will. After about a week of fiddling, replacing parts, and fixing old parts, I came upon this little trinket that's truly baffling me. There's no damned input to the monitor.
I know, I know, reseat the video card, check the connection, listen for beeps from the mobo, blah blah blah, nothin. It's not the video card (even went out and picked up a new one just for giggles), it's not the monitor (same deal), so I'm guessing it has to be the mobo. Now just to clarify, when I first picked up the beast it started overheating, because my genius friend had it overclocking and didn't keep up the interior. So I turned it off, took off the heatsink, scraped off the old shit, tossed on my as5 and bam, good to go again. Except after it overheated is when the input stopped working.
So my direct question is this: Is my mobo completely fried? or did I somehow just unplug something connecting to it? I'm getting the feeling it's a dead mobo, but I dun want it to die =(

I believe its already dead. if resetting th ecmos doesnt work than that means CPR didnt work.morale of the story shes dead

gah, i thought so. thanks for the help =)

and just so i know, new mobo= new video, audio, and processor?
just trying to see what parts i can or can not keep

if you buy a board that supports the same chipset you might be able to keep the CPU ram, Video and audio if it didn't die with the board. buy a new board and start re-setting these parts one at a time and see if they are still good.

it is not most likely that the other hardware componants will be dead but yeah as you said you did quite some overclocking so the posibillity is there indeed.but I can tell you that it would be a coincidence if all the pci cards etc is might even experience that no all your other componants is still working gr8.

Chances are your board and CPU died at the same time.

when one goes it usually takes the other with it. (when overclocking)