I have a problem with my ViewSonic UltraBrite E96F+SB monitor .

it has an ultrabrite button on the face of the monitor for switching from 3 diffirent screen modes , 1 = spreadsheet / 2 = 3D gaming / 3 = video and dvd.

The problem first started when one of the modes stoped working , it was the spreadsheet mode i used for desktop. then over the space of 3 mounths the 3D gaming mode whent ,witch left me with the video and dvd mode.

Now that the last mode has stoped working im unsure if it is fixable.

It still turns on but i get no display, going through the diffirent modes flickers the screen slightly witch tells me its trying but failing.
not sure if there is some kind of default mode it can go to, or turning the ultrabrite mode off completely.

but if it runs on the ultrabrite modes by default then unsure if it is fixable.

i am willing to try anything to get this working again, not shy to open it up and have a look.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


To add to that,

Iv tryed using 2 diffirent pc`s to see if it was an internal problem, but no. got a nc 2 years out of it before all this started, so my warenty has expired. Iv came to the conclusion that im going to have to look inside to see if there is anything that stands out. but im no wiz on what a monitor should look like inside.