I'm just wondering if anybody can help me with my dillema.

I recently bought a Gateway LT3103u after reading reviews that it is the fastest netbook available in the Philippine market. Having AMD Athlon 64bit processor and 2 gig ram. With Vista Home Basic

To my dismay, found the performance too slow and find the units CPU utilization spikes up to 100% most of the time even without any application open abnormal.

I brought it back to the dealer the following day, and we compared my unit with a new one, but found the performance to be the same. So my salesman offered changing the OS to Windows 7 which he says consumes less resources.

After the change of OS, the CPU utilization still acts abnormal.

Is there a tweak or adjustment that can be done?

Thanks in advance

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Gateway is not a quality make. You should swap it for something better.

Yea I know, but unfortunately, i just have limited budget right now and needs to get one since my house was ransacked last week and our 2 laptops was stolen :(

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